Until today I had a problem whenever I was wondering what to cook I was answering potatoes …. all the possible types in all textures, I thought I would make allergies soon. Today I said it would be the case to be interested in other therapeutic powers. I was pleasantly surprised to see that it is not a banal vegetable as I thought and I decided to share with you what I discovered. Potato is the basic vegetable, cultivated worldwide, is appreciated not only for its nutritional qualities, but also for its therapeutic properties.   77% of the potato’s composition is water, the other vitamins like B1, B2, B3 and B6 and vitamin C. Potatoes contain four times the amount of vitamin C than apples or pears, but also iron, potassium and magnesium. The potato is consumed fried, baked or boiled, as such, or in various dishes, soups, soups, stews, salads, while serving as a basic food. It has often been said that they would fatten. Like any excess consumed food, and the potato is fat, it can even make it bad. Against head and neck aches Over time, the potato, cooked in the same way and in the face, proved to be a natural natural remedy in different affections. So, if you get your head off, do not go to the cabinet like medicine. Make better use of potato’s power. Cut thin potatoes, place them on a canvas or gauze, apply on your forehead, for 15 to 20 minutes, and tie it to your neck. It is good that during this period you are lying on the bed, in perfect silence. If you can fall asleep, the better. If you have cooled and it hurts in your throat, put a pot of the right size in the big chopper, put it on a cloth or gauze band and apply it around your neck, but without squeezing it. The same thing you can do if you cough and it hurts. Put the potato rasp on a piece of cloth, sprinkle it with a little hot blade of water, bend the canvas so that it does not spread, and apply it on your chest for at least half an hour. It is preferable for this to be done in the evenings before bedtime, and not to leave the house until the next day.   In case you have a boil that does not bake, and the pain affects you and you feel the skin around you burn, cut a potato into the thin bowls and apply two or three slices on the affected area. Change them every 10 to 15 minutes, when you feel like they’re hot. The state of well will not delay to show up and you will soon get rid of the painful pains. In case of stomach pain, ulcers and burns Doctors recommend potato juice in stomach, ulcer, burns. Wash the potatoes thoroughly, clean the bark and wash again, dry in a kitchen towel, cut into cubes, like for the soup, and then squeeze through the fruit juicer. I drink three glasses of juice a day, one hour before each meal. For a glass of juice, three to four healthy potatoes of the right size should be used. Take care, potato juice is drunk right after cooking. There’s nothing left for later, not even refrigerated. If you want a light, nourishing food, and an invaluable medicine for that time, then clean some potatoes, wash them well and boil them, cut them in two or four, depending on their size, in salt water, how much to cover them. Boil the potatoes for about 20 minutes, sprinkle with garlic, olive oil and some lemon juice. Add boiled potatoes and lemon juice to the plate and mix well so that each potato slice goes through mujdei. Good appetite! Let’s have health!

Not how i look is who i am.

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Someone had asked me few days ago why I’m changing the pictures I attach and why I do not put pictures with me, my picture. I’ll clarify a bit … I hope …
The “blog” I’m trying to develop a bit, and what I’m trying to do on social networks is based on our everyday experiences, I’m trying to bring in attention  just that part of us that does not involve a picture in which I smile Forced after I cry for a whole day. I’m trying to talk about my experiences about what I see, feel, hear. Not the physical defines me.
I also want those who access my pages, including the blog to do the same thing, to contradict me, to give or to ask for advice, that means “Letsshelpeachother”. It’s a simple way I’ve got to keep myself psychologically healthy and physically healthy, I do not feel the need someone to say I’m sexy or beautiful, I feel the need for words coming from the soul when I need it.

A perfect family is just an imperfect family…


Sunday morning … I still did not get to sleep. As many mothers do, it happens to me (my little girl sleeps day and night opens her big eyes and waits for Mommy to fool around her) so I sleep about two hours in the morning. But that’s not what I wanted to talk about, but how to make a family evening without quarrels. Have you noticed that when the whole family gathers for a quiet dinner, everything turns into chaos? Today I had the feeling that for a month since the baby came to the world I kind of neglected my other children in the sense that I did not have dinner together so I decided not to waste my time. I started cooking, I prepared penteu everybody likes, I prepared some family games. It’s been done … it’s dinner, I’m happy that we’ve gone well over, and we start the games … and my happiness has gone away quickly. The first game with the first problem one wanted to play something else and I clearly did not count in because I had the feeling that I was just talking to not stop. Good .. do a joint decision and what to see? begins the second part of the contradictory discussion … and evolves, one crying another screaming. It’s about half an hour before I can reconcile them, and we’ll continue … another 10 seconds to the next conversation. My perfect evening in the family suddenly turns into a disaster and ends with jokes, angry, tears and doors slammed in the back. I’m alone in the living room thinking of where I’m wrong. Maybe you should be authoritarian, maybe I should go and argue, punish them. What should I do not have different opinions. After some time I realized that I was not wrong with anything, but on the contrary, I must be proud of them. You reader will ask why I am proud when they quarrel. I am proud to have them first of all, I am proud to have developed from a psychological point of view very well, both know to defend their point of view, to have an opinion, and last to know to give up (even and slamming the door after them) when the argument evolves in a direction of violence. I’m proud to be them mother and I hope I have the strength and honor of not trying to change or destroy their personality …